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Beer on Broadway: Taking Newport by storm

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
On Saturday, the snow was finally gone, the air was semi-warm, and the clocks were set to spring ahead in the wee hours of the 10th.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  March 13, 2013


Big Fat Whale
Cold Alert System!
By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  March 15, 2013

Beer on a budget: ‘Craft lite,’ and a trip To Trader Joe’s

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
Beer is often referred to as "an affordable luxury."
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  February 20, 2013

Beer Advocate: Extreme Circumstances

This just in: Extreme Beer Fest is taking over Saint Patrick's Day weekend!
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  February 21, 2013

Beer Advocate: Sixpoint's new sip

This Valentine's Day, make it a threesome. We're of course talking about the new Sixpoint beer, 3Beans, infused with coffee, cacao, and Romano beans.
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  February 06, 2013

As distillers pop up in Maine, they have friends in local breweries

The whiskey connection
What's a beer-loving city to do in whiskey trending times? Distill. And collaborate.
By JENNY LONG  |  February 06, 2013

A look at Harpoon’s new waterfront watering hole

BeerAdvocate: Boston’s First Beer Hall
Between its growing brewery scene and its scores of bars and restaurants, Boston doesn't lack for beer options. The one thing the city has lacked in our lifetimes is a beer hall — but this is about to change.
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  February 01, 2013

From our own backyahd: Foolproof’s great new brews

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
It's a fairly common path in the beer industry: a passion for beer leads to homebrewing, which leads to making the leap to dreaming about opening a brewery.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  January 31, 2013

BeerAdvocate: Jack’s Abby Gets La(r)ger

Although beers from small brewers are seemingly everywhere, light pale lagers produced by large brewers still dominate the market.
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  January 16, 2013

Straight outta Utah: Heralding the arrival of Uinta

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
In 2012, we were blessed with the arrival of Founders and Goose Island; their year-round beers were a more-than-welcome addition to local shelves and taps.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  January 15, 2013

John Harvard's new deal

Beer Advocate
We recently visited the original John Harvard's Brewery & Ale House in Harvard Square to check out renovations made this past September.
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  January 07, 2013

Seeking Enlightenment: Locally brewed Bière de Champagne

You could be boring (again) and ring in the new year with a glass of cheap bubbly . . . or you could impress your friends with something new: a locally brewed Bière de Champagne.
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  December 26, 2012

Ten places that served and respected beer in 2012

The Best Beer Bars in Boston
One of the top questions we get asked on a weekly basis is: "Where do you guys drink in the Boston area?"
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  December 18, 2012

Membership has its (beer) rewards

Night Shift Brewing Barrel Society
While craft breweries offering memberships in exchange for exclusive beers is not a new concept, it's new for beer geeks in the Commonwealth.
By JASON AND TODD ALSTROM  |  December 07, 2012

Beer brings holiday cheer: Local pros on what to give (and what they’d like to receive)

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
'Tis the season to make with the beer-giving.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  December 05, 2012

Beer to go: Where to find the good stuff

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
In April, we columnized about building the Best Beer Store. We trumpeted shopper-friendly displays, well-chosen stock (bigger is not always better), making new releases easy to find, mix-a-six options, and fresh stock.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  November 20, 2012

Local brews shine at the Great Int’l Beer Fest: And the winners are. . .

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
Big fun at the Rhode Island Convention Center last weekend: On Friday I was among 83 judges for the 16th Annual Great International Beer & Cider Competition.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  November 08, 2012

A fantastic voyage to the beer summit: Go tell it ’bout the mountains

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
We usually keep things ultra-local in this space, but we're making an exception this week ( and taking a lot of space).
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  October 24, 2012

Exalted beer bliss: Treat yourself to Beervana; plus, Providence Craft Beer Week

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
Beervana is a truly special beer fest.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  October 11, 2012

The Providence Craft beer Week 2012 lineup

A bounty of brews
All locations are in Providence unless otherwise noted.
By PROVIDENCE CRAFT BEER WEEK  |  October 10, 2012

Beervana Fest 2012

Beervana Fest Beer List Brewers: Importers scheduled to attend so far
Beervana Fest Beer List Brewers/Importers scheduled to attend (as of 10.11): *All beers and breweries subject to change and availability.
By BEERVANA  |  October 10, 2012

Booze Your Own Adventure: Navigating the Boston Cocktail Summit

On October 4–6, the first-ever Boston Cocktail Summit will slake the city’s thirst for knowledge.
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  September 26, 2012

Booze 101

Intro to imbibing for the recently legal
As a certified old person, I'd like to be one of the many people who will remind you this school year, and for many years to come, that you have no fucking idea what you're doing.
By LUKE O'NEIL  |  September 26, 2012

PaintNite comes to Portland

Acrylic + beer = art!
One of the more interesting art developments of the season has been the advent of PaintNite, a social gathering in which participants collect to drink and paint in groups at local bars.
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  September 26, 2012

Follow the Trail: One beer story leads to another

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
A new bar, new breweries, new bottles and boxes and beers. Let's go.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  September 20, 2012

Before the Fall: Sierra Nevada & Firestone Walker’s new brews

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
After a couple of weeks of watching the summer fare make way for the towers of autumn offerings (follow the progress of Madeira Liquors' Wall of Fall at their Facebook page), we were thrilled to see new brews from Sierra Nevada and Firestone Walker on the shelves.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  August 17, 2012

Ain't no cure for the summertime brews

August brings a bounty of seasonal quaffs from New England brewers
We're a city that loves its beer — especially if it's local. Even in the dingiest of dive bars, you can get your paws on a Harpoon or Sam. But what about the little guys?
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  August 01, 2012

Get ready for IPA Day

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
Hey, it's another great excuse to line up a pint or three: Thursday, August 2 is the 2nd Annual IPA Day!
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  July 19, 2012

Beer wars: Grey Sail and Full Sail face off

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
Full Sail is a craft brewing company in Hood River, Oregon, about 60 miles east of Portland just below the Canadian border.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  June 21, 2012

The suds of summer: Warm weather brings the lighter side of beers

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
"Summertime, and the livin' is easy," as the song says. And with the onslaught of summer seasonals, the drinkin' is easy too.
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  June 08, 2012

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