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A Richard Goulis retrospective at RIC’s Bannister Gallery

Escape artist
Sometimes I think if Richard Goulis had lived in New York or Los Angeles he'd be in the art history books, instead of being a guy from Providence whom we cherish for making our town a bit more crazy and dangerous and wondrous.
By GREG COOK  |  March 20, 2013

‘Story/Line: Narrative Form in Six Graphic Novelists’ at RIC

Serious comics
"You could do a comic about it," a friend tells Gabrielle Bell in one of her comics.
By GREG COOK  |  February 20, 2013

These 10 exhibits will open your eyes

Strange and wondrous
In March, the RISD Museum dusts off its two millennia-old mummy of a priest named Nesmin as part of "Made for Eternity" (March 15 to November 17), a small showcase of the institution's Egyptian treasures.
By GREG COOK  |  December 26, 2012

Two sides of Daniel Heyman; plus, RIC’s faculty exhibit

War and peace
Beginning in 2005, Daniel Heyman traveled to Jordan and Turkey with American lawyers, collecting testimony from Iraqis of human rights abuses.
By GREG COOK  |  September 18, 2012

‘Distillation’ at RIC; Salvatore Mancini at Candita Clayton

The purity of paint
At first, the approaches of abstract painters Lisa Russell and Mary Bucci McCoy can appear opposite.
By GREG COOK  |  April 17, 2012

Shows worth seeing in the new year

Eyes wide open
From centuries-old Taoist visions to the ways technology can channel emotions, local exhibits this winter prompt comparisons between then and now.
By GREG COOK  |  December 28, 2011

A British invasion and the local hall of fame

Autumn offerings
The art season follows the school year.
By GREG COOK  |  September 14, 2011

Review: Corinna Schnitt's ''Once Upon A Time'' at the RISD Museum

Surreal storybooks
Corinna Schnitt's video Once Upon a Time opens on a comfortable living room.
By GREG COOK  |  April 19, 2011

Review: Wlodzimierz Ksiazek's abstract expressions at RIC

Energetic textures and surfaces
Wlodzimierz Ksiazek's exhibit of chunky, muscular abstract paintings at Rhode Island College's Bannister Gallery (600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Providence, through March 30) is a dose of the old-time religion.
By GREG COOK  |  March 15, 2011

Museums and Galleries preview: Looking ahead

Marianetti, Sharlin, Schnitt, and "Feminism Now"
In November, incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner and fellow Republicans called for the Smithsonian to shutter its National Portrait Gallery show surveying gay identity in a century of art.
By GREG COOK  |  December 29, 2010

10 exhibits that are worth another look

Excellent expressions
Here's our rundown of the best art of '10.
By GREG COOK  |  December 22, 2010

Uneasy artifacts at the Chazan Gallery

'Something is amiss'
It seems life should feel easy with all our faster foods and whiter teeth and smarter bombs, but despite — or perhaps because of — all our modern conveniences, we feel as awkward and hapless as ever. That is one unspoken theme that viewers might draw from the five local artists exhibiting at the Chazan Gallery.
By GREG COOK  |  December 01, 2010

Review: Umberto Crenca's introspective retrospective at AS220

Trying to make sense of it all
If you've been around the Providence art scene very long, you've surely heard the story. In the early 1980s, Umberto Crenca exhibited at the Antonio Dattorro Studio Gallery and the Providence Journal panned his art as shallow and simplistic.
By GREG COOK  |  November 16, 2010

Fall Art Preview: Old meets new this season

O pioneers
Art in Rhode Island this fall is a parade of founding mothers and fathers. AS220 co-founder Umberto Crenca fills his institution with his latest "ugly" work.
By GREG COOK  |  September 14, 2010

In 'The Tradition'

Bannister’s ‘Five From Providence’ honors its namesake
In 1978, Rhode Island College presented “Four from Providence.” The exhibit was a call to revitalize the reputations of four Providence artists of color who had often been overlooked since their peaks in the late 19th and early 20th century.
By GREG COOK  |  June 10, 2010

Open to interpretation

‘Abstraction in Providence’ at RIC’s Bannister Gallery
For decades, abstraction dominated avant-garde discourse, as painters worked to break art down to its basic elements, stripping away more and more of what seemed necessary to a painting, and then stripping away even more.
By GREG COOK  |  March 31, 2010

By  |  January 01, 0001

Dynamic duo

Doug Bosch and Stephen Fisher in RIC’s ‘Sabbatical Exhibition’
Faculty exhibitions tend to be hodgepodges, no matter how prestigious the school. But "Sabbatical Exhibition" is a delightful exception.
By GREG COOK  |  March 10, 2010

Photos: “Andy Warhol: A Recent Acquisition Exhibition” at Bannister

Warhol's tossed-off, diaristic, fabulous Polaroids
At Rhode Island College’s Bannister Gallery, through January 8
By ANDY WARHOL  |  December 16, 2009

Two sides of life

Photographs by Andy Warhol and Stewart Martin
"I started as a commercial artist, and I want to finish as a business artist," the Pop artist Andy Warhol wrote in 1975. "Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art."
By GREG COOK  |  December 17, 2009

Airing it out

Works by Aschheim, Buck, Gottlieb, and Prine
New York painter Eve Aschheim has said that she uses geometry in her abstractions "to 'think about' the intersection of nature and cityscape. My works might suggest the chaotic geometry of the city, the expectant stillness of air, the tenuous balance of a wire line against a building."
By GREG COOK  |  November 24, 2009

Searching for a vision

New photographs at Stairwell and RIC’s Bannister Gallery
Haley O'Connor, the co-founder of Stairwell Gallery, includes a few of her own photos in the gallery's new show, "Yesterday Today and Tomorrow."
By GREG COOK  |  October 13, 2009

Allegorical expressions

Lydia Stein's “Love Songs, Hobos & Other Spirits”
Horses break loose from carnival carousels and run free, a horse-headed naked woman cuddles a rabbit as blue birds circle, and an escaped carousel horse visits the grave of a flower in Providence artist Lydia Stein's exhibit "Love Songs, Hobos & Other Spirits" at AS220's Project Space.
By GREG COOK  |  September 09, 2009
mixing list

Mixing it up

"Two Sculptors and a Painter" at RIC's Bannister Gallery
It seems like a simple exercise you might give students: Get a bunch of plastic bottles, lots of thread, and make some art from it. It's the kind of assignment teachers give to get students thinking about sculptural form and structure. And usually the results feel like a dumb exercise.
By GREG COOK  |  June 24, 2009

Beauty for beauty's sake

Feminist art
For several years, Cristin Searles of Providence has been stitching together soft sculptures that catchily evoke natural forms.
By GREG COOK  |  January 28, 2009

Review: 'Our Founders' at the Pac, and 'New Mastery' at RIC

Past and present
One of the landmark tales of Rhode Island art is the story of how Edward Bannister won the oil painting prize at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.
By GREG COOK  |  September 22, 2010

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