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Into the wild

Welcome, Stevie D's; new brews; and more
Let’s catch up on some beer news while we wait for the first Christmas ales to hit the shelves . . . .
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  September 25, 2013


Review: 2 Pauls' City Grille

Comfort food in style
In the Rhode Island tradition of identifying a place by saying it’s where someplace else used to be, 2 Pauls’ City Grille is where Vine Yard East used to be —  and Joseph’s and Cattails and a list of other restaurants.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  September 18, 2013


Review: Don Jose Tequilas

Not your ordinary tamales
Come on, admit it. The best thing about some mediocre Mexican restaurants is their margaritas. But Don José Tequilas is not a mediocre Mexican restaurant.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  August 28, 2013


10 items or less

Counting calories, the Wall of Fall, and more
Octoberfest is here, and big boxes of beer
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  August 22, 2013


Review: Circe Restaurant & Bar

A worthy origin story
It was sad to see the landmark restaurant DownCity close its doors in 2011, another victim of the lingering economic downturn. But those in the business are as optimistic as they are persistent, so nine  months ago a new restaurant opened in its place, and it looks like Circe is a worthy follow-up.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  August 07, 2013


A hoppy history lesson

Plus, craft sales keep booming
It all starts with Anchor Steam. The storied brew was saved from extinction when Fritz Maytag bought the brewery in 1965 — inauspiciously launching the craft beer industry and establishing its benchmarks: small, independent, and traditional.
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  July 31, 2013


Review: Harry's Bar & Burger

Maxi-bar and mini-burgers
Are you ready for a Pig Pile Burger? A M.O.A.B.? How about chocolate crack?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  July 24, 2013


Roll in the barrels

Plus, beer 'sales' at breweries!
It’s been a while since we caught up on beer news in this space. And there’s a boatload of it.
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  July 18, 2013


Review: The Sea Goose

No roast goose, but plenty else
You might think that Rhode Island needs another seafood restaurant like Providence needs another pizzeria, but you’ll change your mind if you check out the Sea Goose.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  July 02, 2013


Review: The Bike Stop Cafe

Great pizza and so much more
"Follow your bliss” certainly took hold with the Bike Stop Cafe’s co-owner/culinary head Brendan Roan. He’d cooked all over the state for the last couple decades and loved feeding folks, but his not-so-secret second passion was bicycling.
By: JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  June 18, 2013


The Philly pilgrimage

Plus, the splendid American Craft Beer Fest
We’re usually all about the local breweries and the locally-available stock in this space, but sometimes we get in the Kia and head for beer adventures across state lines.
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  June 12, 2013


Review: Meritage

Excellence in East Greenwich
Super-generous margaritas, wood-grilled pizzas, and so much more.
By: JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  June 04, 2013


The best beers of summer

Local pros pick the season's top brews and craft beer in cans, and share some warm-weather drinking stories
'Tis the season when beers get lighter and crisper. But summer brews don't have to be bland and watery. The better beer makers pack an abundance of subtle flavors into their golden liquid, from blonde ales to lagers to wheat ales to pilseners.
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  May 29, 2013


Review: El Rancho Grande

¡Muy authentico!
Having a yen Mexican food and limiting yourself to tacos and burritos is like craving French food and choosing french fries.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  May 21, 2013


Review: Trattoria Longo

Every dish done just right
Preparing most Italian dishes doesn't require the complexity of organic chemistry. Fresh ingredients, a good recipe, well-timed cooking, and ecco! Benissimo!
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  May 13, 2013


Taste sweet freedom!

Celebrating American Craft Beer Week
American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) is rolling around again, from May 13-19. It's the eighth annual self-toasting by the alliance of small and independent beer makers, marketers, distributors, and peripheral biz peeps. This year's motto is "Big Week, Small Breweries."
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  May 08, 2013


American Craft Beer Week events

Tap takeovers, pint nights, and more!
Join the celebration!
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  May 11, 2013


Big beer news!

Foolproof, Grey Sail, and a coupla fests
We're too busy prepping The Best ish to do a "real" column, but we need to share some beer happenings . . .
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  April 10, 2013


Review: Adesso On the Hill

As special as ever
Adesso is now "On the Hill," as opposed to off of Thayer Street, where the marvelous restaurant was located until closing in 2005.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  April 09, 2013


Review: Leo’s Ristorante

An Italian tradition in Bristol
Over the decades, Leo's Pizza became a Bristol staple, after Panteleone Mancieri (aka "Leo") opened it in 1948.
By: JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  March 20, 2013


Beer on Broadway: Taking Newport by storm

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
On Saturday, the snow was finally gone, the air was semi-warm, and the clocks were set to spring ahead in the wee hours of the 10th.
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  March 13, 2013

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