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A screening of City On the Move,

28 Monument Sq, Woonsocket, RI   (view map)

“I hope to prove that, ultimately, Woonsocket is still a place worth fighting for,” Derek Dubois says near the start of his debut feature documentary, City On the Move. Until now, the 28-year-old Woonsocket auteur has mostly made dark, short, fictional films that gnaw at your nerves. (His first, Fallout, took place in a bunker. His latest, Sinners, revolves around a profane, booze-swilling, cigarette-smoking priest.) But in City he trains his lens on lighter fare: the production the 35th Autumnfest, the three-day outdoor, bonanza of food, music, and activity described at as the “largest free event in New England.” Admittedly, a behind-the-scenes look at Woonsocket’s signature family-friendly event may not sound like high drama. But over the course of the film, an indelible portrait emerges of a city clinging to its pride and bracing for an ever-more turbulent future. Among other side-plots, Dubois captures footage from a raucous 2013 Woonsocket mayoral debate between then-incumbent Republican Leo Fontaine and Democrat Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, who went on to win the seat. Dubois is a filmmaker to keep an eye on. And City On the Move is a fascinating glimpse at a forgotten city during what one person in the film calls its “greatest crisis.” It will be screened at the Stadium Theatre, 28 Monument Sq, Woonsocket, at 7 pm | $15 |

a documentary about Woonsocket by Derek Dubois

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