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Veja Doolittle: Live In Concert, a multimedia solo performance by Meg Sullivan

393 Broad St, Providence, RI   (view map)

The promo photo for Veja Doolittle: Live In Concert draws you in: on a small stage, a woman in a white-and-red marching band (or Evel Knievel) (or rodeo) -type uniform is sitting in a kitchen-type chair, which shares the platform with small tables with lamps, a stool, a vintage album, a rotary phone, some postcards on a wall, a rug, a tapestry, and an array of tchotchkes. She's wearing glasses and holding a harpsichord, in front of a microphone on a stand. To her left, there's a portable projection screen with an image of a young, ponytailed woman who seems to be very happy with the person her eyes are locked on. What's it all mean? The notes from the Wilbury Theatre Group offer these clues: "Veja Doolittle: Live In Concert is a multi-media solo performance, a traveling show, a memorabilia tour, and a concert of covered songs. This journey, like a dusted-off LP, delves into the mysteries, heartbreaks, and artifacts that make up our sparkling lives." Another program note adds to the intrigue: "Originally from Texas, singer Veja Doolittle has been touring the US, spreading her particular kind of joy and seeing familiar faces everywhere." The show, written and performed by Meg Sullivan and directed by Susie Schutt, will be presented at 393 Broad St, Providence, through June 28 (Thursday-Saturday at 7:30 pm) | $15, $10 students + seniors | 401.400.7100 |

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