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A workshop-concert presentation of Roadhouse: The Musical, written and directed by Brien Lang

393 Broad St, Providence, RI   (view map)

When talk turns to guilty (or not-so-guilty-at-all) pleasures, it doesn’t take long for Road House, the 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze (as Dalton: “Pain don’t hurt”), to be talked about. Here’s a great synopsis by Chuck Klosterman: “This is a movie I love. But I don’t love it because it’s bad; I love it because it’s interesting. Outside the genre of sci-fi, I can’t think of any film less plausible than Road House. Every element of the story is wholly preposterous: the idea of Swayze being a nationally famous bouncer (with a degree in philosophy), the concept of such a superviolent bar having such an attractive clientele, the likelihood of a tiny Kansas town having such a sophisticated hospital, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Every single scene includes at least one detail that could never happen in real life. So does that make Road House bad? No. It makes Road House perfect. Because Road House exists in a parallel reality that is more fanciful (and more watchable) than The Lord of the Rings. The characters in Road House live within the mythology of rural legend while grappling with exaggerated moral dilemmas and neoclassical archetypes. I don’t feel guilty for liking any of that. Road House also includes a monster truck. I don’t feel guilty for liking that, either.” It’s safe to assume that Brien Lang agrees with every word of that synopsis. He has written and directed Roadhouse: The Musical, described as “a new tongue-in-cheek tribute to everything that is, at once, great about the famous film in particular and action movies and American music in general.” The concert/workshop (“mostly music with some narrative”) will be presented today and Saturday at 10:30 pm by the Wilbury Theatre Group at 393 Broad St, Providence | $5 | 401.400.7100 |

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