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Nick Swardson

4 Commercial Wharf, Newport, RI   (view map)

You can learn a lot about a person from their Facebook bio. Here’s Nick Swardson’s: “I was born in the jungles of Vietnam. It was there I learned to play the piano and formed the band Coldplay. I also wrote and directed Avatar.” Quite the CV! He also notes that he is “made entirely out of wood.” Nick’s the kind of guy that the teacher’s would describe as “having an active imagination.” He’s put that creativity to good use, helping to save the rainforest with his stand-up and roles on TV (Reno 911!) and in films (his first credit: Insane Bowie Fan in Almost Famous). Nick will make you laugh — a lot — at the Newport Yachting Center at 7:30 pm | $29 + $35 |

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