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Angels & Outlaws,

270 Broadway, Providence, RI   (view map)

The Columbus Theatre (270 Broadway, Providence) has established itself as the opulent arts epicenter in the capital city. Today, from 6 pm-midnight, the “Angels & Outlaws” event, curated with the Owls & Athens collective, will present “a group art exhibition [and sale] and celebration of creative culture.” They draw their inspiration from the final section of Dante’s Divine Comedy: “Stylistically, the show’s name expresses the relationship between Dante’s ‘Paradiso’ & our own lives — the close relationship between the divine in each of us & how we find ourselves working ‘outside the law’ to achieve our goals in art, business & life, as it seems society has established a ‘working order’ which doesn’t accept those seeking a different path. The title also represents the dualistic nature of Providence, always fighting with Hope, yet struggling with success. Beyond that, the concept rests on our own hopes for salvation & redemption — for the Hope that we may all love our own fates.” It’s a sprawling affair encompassing works by more than 40 artists — installation/sculpture, digital projections, prints, jewelry, and beyond — plus music by Littlefoot, Party Pigs, and the Devil Twins, and DJs Ty Jesso and Tank Jones | Free | More info and philosophical/metaphysical musings @

a group art exhibition and celebration of creative culture featuring works by Joseph Skorupa, Karissa Carson, Varrian Castelli, Curtis Aric, Melyssa Lentini, Melody Tuttle, Jessie Leigh, Daniel Harvey, Nikki Nadeau, Brian Mullen, Corey Oberlander, Malisa Croce, Mike Spillane, Josh Yelle, Monika Plioplyte, Nick Colen, Kendra Plumley, Gillian Chadwick, Vladlena Berbeko, Jason Pond, Joe Mcfadzen Frank Mullin, Justin Sandman, Nick Pelligrino, Erica Sutherland, John Hoder, Brian Minto, Greg Penniston, Cassandra Petronio, Christian Correra, Christina Mathews, Dennis Delprete, Forrest Curl, Jeremy Lother, Keri Lyn King, Kevin Berglund, Kevin Veronneau, Chris Brunzos, and Ryan Rioux, plus DJs Ty Jesso and Tank Jones, music by Littlefoot, Party Pigs, and the Devil Twins, and more

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