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Robert Coover

70 Brown St, Providence, RI   (view map)

Brown U prof Robert Coover’s new novel, The Brunist Day of Wrath, is a sequel to his first, The Origin of the Brunists, which was published in 1966. Coover recently told The New Yorker, “It might be said that all my writing has been written in Wrath’s shadow, for I first conceived of the sequel in the 1960s, while writing The Origin of the Brunists. The seed of this particular story was actually planted decades ago, metamorphosing over time, as growing things do, only recently reaching full fruition, ready at last to be harvested.” Publishers Weekly offers a synopsis: “The fervent religious cult called the Brunists returns to the rural coal town of West Condon, five years after a tragic exile . . . Condemned cult member Abner Baxter returns to town with militant religious rigor, determined to weed out all but the true believers. Meanwhile West Condon’s mayor and his cronies, a motorcycle gang, and an undercover reporter named Sally all spell trouble for the Followers. Abner is arguably the protagonist, but the story unfurls like a tapestry rather than a story with a conventional (or even unconventional) arc . . . Questions of religion, faith, humanity and society are raised.” Coover will read from Wrath at 7 pm in Brown’s McCormack Family Theater, 70 Brown St, Providence | Free | 401.863.3260 |

will read from his new novel, The Brunist Day of Wrath

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