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Augustines + My Goodness + the Novel Ideas

103 Dike St, Providence, RI   (view map)

Augustines’ 2011 debut, Rise Ye Sunken Ships (released as We Are Augustines) was steeped in heartbreak, largely dealing with the suicides of singer/guitarist Billy McCarthy’s mother and brother. But the trio has moved on, lyrically and musically, with the release of their new self-titled disc. The transformation began when they were touring behind Rise. McCarthy told the Wall Street Journal, “There are loads of big sing-alongs and choruses, and it’s all because, when we were playing, we’d get that back from the crowds and it was so inspirational for us.” Multi-instrumentalist Eric Sanderson added, “The core of the record is the concept of a walkabout. Going on a journey to find — re-find — yourself after going through a life-changing experience. What do you do when you make it through the other side? When you can confidently say that you’ve worked through the tragedy? When your life actually starts to mirror the belief you have in yourself?” McCarthy added, “There was nothing I could do to help any of the characters in the songs last time. This time it’s absolutely about having the ability to help all the characters in the songs. There’s an empowerment to it.” Augustines will be at the Fête Lounge, 103 Dike St, Providence. My Goodness and the Novel Ideas open at 8 pm | $12 | 401.383.1112 |

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