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"(numb)Charlottes," works by Jennifer Avery

60 Valley St #5, Providence, RI   (view map)

The folks at Yellow Peril Gal- lery say that “(numb)Charlottes,” the new exhibit by Jennifer Avery, is “an exploration of the pleasures of the whimsical, macabre, grotesque and glamorous.” Identity, obsession, femininity, folklore, and other themes are embodied by a menagerie of dolls: 2-D dolls, 3-D dolls, paper dolls, glass dolls, doll dresses, doll pets, and doll furniture. “Absurdities, contractions, opposites amuse and frighten me — I like things in the uncanny realm of attraction and repulsion,” Avery notes. “Most of my work takes on the aspects of childhood; particularly dolls through a lens of a cherished nightmare, and identity as these little cherubs are all some sort of self-portrait. One of the inspirations for my adoration of competing dualities comes from a thorough enjoyment and loathing of socially constructed performances of gender and femininity.” “(numb)Charlottes” is at 60 Valley St #5, Provi-dence, through March 1 | 401.861.1535 |

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