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"MythBusters: Behind the Myths,"

220 Weybosset St, Providence, RI   (view map)

The MythBusters — Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage — have been proving or refuting urban myths, rumors, and hearsay for a decade. And they do it scientifically — and very entertainingly. Their road show, “Behind the Myths,” moves from the TV screen to the big stage. And you might get a chance to participate; there’s lots of audience interaction. Savage says the show is “weirdly structured like a magic show with eight or nine sets, not unlike what our friends Penn and Teller do. We play with the audience. There’s almost always volunteers on stage and we pit them against each other in contests of strength and dexterity. We also have a high-speed camera and we ask them to do really strange things and play them back at a slower speed. It’s a great gag that can often look quite beautiful.” The myths will get busted at the Providence Performing Arts Center at 7 pm | $35-$125 | 401.421.ARTS |

a "fantastical evening of on-stage experiments, audience participation, rocking video, and behind-the-scenes stories" with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

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