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Epic Theatre Company presents This Might Not Be It, written and directed by Kevin Broccoli,

50 Rolfe Sq, Cranston, RI   (view map)

The astoundingly prolific Kevin Broccoli’s latest mega-work is titled This Might Not Be It. We’ll let him explain it (heck, he’s the wordsmith): “A comet is hurtling through space towards Earth. People are panicking, doing crazy things, hiding out in James Franco’s house — sorry, wrong show. The only problem is, there’s a slim chance the comet will miss the planet completely. So the conundrum is: You know what you’d do if the world was going to end, but what would you do if the world might end? Do you still spend all your money, sell your house, and leave your spouse? Or do you play it safe?” The “end-of-the-world premiere” features more than 150 local actors in two-person scenes. Epic Theatre Company will host the show through the 27th (Fri + Sat 8 pm, plus on the 10th at 7) | $15, $12 students |

featuring 150 actors performing two-person scenes about a potential apocalypse

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