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"How To Build A Forest,"

How To Build a Forest is a “hybrid art installation” by Lisa D’Amour, Katie Pearl, and Shawn Hall. The eight-hour experience strives to “reminds us that even when we live in cities we are tied to the fragile natural world in intimate and devastating ways.” It was conceived in response to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, where the artists are based; “the ethereal and beautiful forest seems inspired by a fairy tale, rather than one of the worst natural disasters in American history,” the organizers note. The project starts with an empty stage; the trio and their team of builders assemble an “exquisite, fake, fabric forest” (enhanced by evocative sound and light design) over six-plus hours; audiences can come and go during the build, and can absorb the action from seats or in the forest itself. The forest only exists for 30 minutes before the deconstruction. The experience unfolds at Brown University’s Granoff Center, 154 Angell St, Providence, today and Thursday from 2 to 10 pm| Free |

a hybrid art installation and performance featuring an eight-hour construction and deconstruction of a fictional forest by actors Lisa D'Amour and Katie Pearl and collaborator Shawn Hall

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