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"Station Nation: A Reflection On the Station Nighhtclub Fire"

75 North Main St, Providence, RI   (view map)

The 10th anniversary of the Station tragedy will be commemorated with “Station Nation: A Reflection On the Station Nightclub Fire,” featuring dramatic texts, songs and dance, and talks. The event is at the First Baptist Church in America, 75 North Main St, Providence, from 9:30 pm-midnight | Free |

The program will feature dramatic texts, performances, dance sequences, and songs | 9:30 pm, speakers John Barylick, a lawyer for the victims and author of Killer Show; Jonathan Saltzman, a reporter for the Boston Globe who covered the fire; and the Reverend Janet Cooper-Nelson, the chaplain at Brown University | 11:07-11:13:5 [the time it took to engulf the building], all the pieces will be performed simultaneously | 11:20 pm-midnight, a song cycle by David Tessier, followed by a conversation

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