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TempleCon 2013

801 Greenwich Ave, Warwick, RI   (view map)

TempleCon is dubbed a “retro-futurist science fiction and hobby gaming convention.” The brain trust behind the event run the Temple, the gaming emporium on Columbus Ave in Pawtucket; they note that “all retro-futurist works share one common trait: they describe past visions of the future that are notably marked by the era in which they originated.” TempleCon is a three-day fest, offering panel discussions with authors, performance artists (Emperor Justinian Stanislaus of the Red Fork Empire, Psyche Corporation, Sally the Altar Boy, et al), and a fashion show, plus game tournaments, creative workshops, the Clockwork Bazaar, and an overload of steampunk/biopunk/phantasmagoria. Things are going to be wonderfully weird at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Ave, Warwick | $20 on Friday and Sunday, $30 Saturday, $55 three days |

The "retro-futurist science fiction and hobby gaming convention," with authors CJ Henderson, Leanna Renee Hieber, Ay-Leen the Peacemaker, Margaret Killjoy; performances by the Wandering Legion of Thomas Tew, the Copper Claw, Emperor Justinian Stanislaus of the Red Fork Empire, the Catastrophe Orchestra, the Boston Sprockettes, and more; plus dealers selling games, books, comic books, costumes, costume accessories, and other items; the Clockwork Bazaar, "Intersectional: Fashion, Flesh, and Biohacks," with designs by Pretty Thoughts, Auralynne, Fairy Stitch Factory, Lazeya, Roland Marquis, and Icon Alchemy, and retro-futurist-themed performances by Ego Likeness, Psyche Corporation, Samara, Ameena, Troupe Moirae, Fong, Neylan, Creative Fusion Bellydance, Isobel Valo, Acacia, Caitlin Farley, Alan White, Bettysioux Taylor, Maurice Eighme, LizBeth, Elizabeth Joy, Sally the Altar Boy, Alizé, Kouri, Madame Ximon, Rory Raven, Lucas Simmons, the RKO Army, and more, as well as the gala “Neo-Sapien Ball,” with DJ ZNUH, and DJ Black/Mail

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