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"Bach To the Future"

College St, Providence, RI   (view map)

Ready for 10 hours of works by Johann Sebastian? Brown University is serving up “Bach To the Future,” with trad and experimental takes by dozens of local musicians. The Baching starts at 9 pm and runs till 7 am at Manning Chapel, on the Main Green. You’re encouraged to bring a pillow and blanket and let the soundtrack fill your sweet dreams | Free |

An all-night J.S. Bach marathon concert with performances by Adam Morosky, Adrianne Taylor, Alex Tominsky, Annalisa Boerner, Ariana Falk, Ashley Paul, Chase Spruill, Dan Schleifer, Daryl Seaver, Dave Fischer, David Penn, Ealaín McMullin, Emmy Holmes-Hicks, Gus, Heath Marlow, Jacob Berendes, Jamie Buckmaster, Jesse Holstein, Joe Buzzell, Joe DeGeorge, Kylie Lance, Lauren Latessa, Luke Moldof, Natasha Rosario, Sara Stalnaker, Scott Reber, Sebastian Ruth, and Shawn Greenlee | 9 pm-7 am

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