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That'll Learn Ya + Bob Kendall Band + Proud of Stupid Things

895 Matunuck Beach Rd, Matunuck, RI   (view map)

Thanksgiving is about gathering with family and friends, so it’s appropriate that the holiday weekend brings the reunion of That’ll Learn Ya. The quintet formed at URI in the early ’80s and were a top tier band for most of that decade. They say they crafted a “sonic web of melodic jangle punk-pop long before the term ‘indie rock’ was ever uttered”; we say it was always a joy to catch ’em at the Living Room, Rocket, and the Ocean Mist (895 Matunuck Beach Road, Matunuck), which is where they’ll turn the clock back tonight. Adding to the fun: Proud of Stupid Things (half-Neutral Nation, half-Boneyard) and the Bob Kendall Band; both of those crews also have 30 years of history in and out of the Ocean State. It’ll be a great night to reminisce and make new memories | 401.782.3740 |

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