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"POS (Parents Over Shoulder)," embroidered drawings from the "Friend Me" series by Kathy Halper

235 Westminster St, Providence, RI   (view map)

It’s remarkable how quickly we’ve come to accept — and expect — formerly private moments to be shared with everyone on Facebook. Kathy Halper’s “Friend Me” series features embroidered versions of photos of teens coupled with found texts: “Memorial Day also marks the beginning of ‘Bikini Profile Picture’ season”; “maybe if i keep dancing i won’t throw up.” The artist says: “The use of needlework implies a maternal hand and a sense of home. My goal as a mother is to explore and connect to this complex age group who often shut out their parents while still needing a soft bed and a tender touch. Because these kids are often in the throws [sic] of celebration there is a raucousness and lighthearted nature present in many of the images. But there are also moments of quiet, embarrassment, anger, recklessness and more. In choosing the text I am able to create a new narrative for the images that takes them further from their origins and captures a heightened moment in time . . . In the past, a teenager’s questionable discretions would remain a story to be told from the safety of adulthood. Now there is a constant documentation of their every move for the world to see. Is this a good development? Is this bad? I see both sides. But I know from the strong reactions and attention this work has received it creates a powerful discussion. One that covers issues of privacy, protecting our kids, controlling their behavior and my role as a mother creating this work.” Selections from the series are being exhibited in “POS (Parents Over Shoulder)” at Craftland Gallery, 235 Westminster St, Providence, May 17 through June 16; Halper will be at the opening reception on the 17th from 5 to 8 pm | 401.272.4285 |

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