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60 Valley St #5, Providence, RI   (view map)

Was it Perry or Cain who recently suggested that we electrify the fence that divides Mexico and the southwestern US? I think it was the alleged groper, not the Texas wingnut. Either way, it’s clown time, right? Photographer Rebecca A. Kandel knows about the fence and the stories of heartache and unrest that have blossomed because of its existence. Using interviews and images, her “Borderline” exhibit documents several personal tales of those she met while investigating the provocative divide: “from Border Patrol agents, to ‘coyotes,’ to human rights workers, to vigilantes determined to take matters into their own hands, each person speaks passionately on the subject.” The exhibit is at the new Yellow Peril Gallery, 60 Valley Street #5, Providence, through December 15; the opening reception is on the 17th from 5 to 9 pm | 401.861.1535 |

An exhibition of photographs by Rebecca A. Kandel of the fence that divides the US and Mexico

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