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The Season: A Pauly D Christmas
Ho, ho, yeah, buddy! - BY PHILIP EIL


The Season: Bountiful boxes

Add to life's soundtrack with musical gifts
The modest renaissance of the record player has led to something of a golden age in the music-reissue industry.
By: CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  December 11, 2013


The Season: Dynamic discs

 Gifts for tele- and cinephiles
Christmas shopping was a lot easier five years ago. Not only did most of us own DVD players back then; we actually used them.
By: CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  December 11, 2013


Rhody's real-life cop/on-screen mobster

Film Dept.
East Providence Police Lieutenant Armen Garo is a senior shift commander in the city’s patrol division with 29 years on the job.
By: VICTOR PAUL ALVAREZ  |  December 11, 2013

Independent Mannequin

DePetro puts both feet in his mouth; honoring Mandela
WPRO News Talk 630’s “Independent Man” John DePetro is involved in another controversy, to no one’s surprise. And, as usual, it is a quagmire of his own making.
By: PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  December 11, 2013


Fill your glass with cheer

Beer gifts, local liquids, and hoppy holiday bashes
For weeks we’ve been planning to do a detailed gift guide; we hit a few stores, made some notes, and then realized that you don’t need much hand-holding if you’re buying for the beer lover on your list.
By: LOU PAPINEAU  |  December 11, 2013


Blurred (state) lines

Territorial rights and wrongs
Does Massachusetts honor medical marijuana patient cards from Rhode Island? And vice versa?
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  December 11, 2013


Living the dream

Mark Cutler makes his escape
Revered veteran musician Mark Cutler has officially escaped the cube farm, and he’s feeling like a billion bucks.
By: CHRIS CONTI  |  December 11, 2013

Off the Couch: Cold chillin'

Reggae, a jazzy little Christmas, and more
Plus, a koupla kool Kickstarters
By: CHRIS CONTI  |  December 11, 2013


Life after death

William Schaff and Meredith Younger's "Bearing Witness" at 186 Carpenter
“In our culture in general, we have all these twisted ideas of how you’re supposed to deal with death,” Meredith Younger said when I visited “Bearing Witness,” a poignant art installation and a shrine to the dead.
By: GREG COOK  |  December 11, 2013


A twisted 'Christmas'

The RI Shakespeare Company and Big Nazo's 'Carol'
At this time of year, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is such a cash cow for theaters that you can almost hear the mooing.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  December 11, 2013


Aching to be

Out Loud's raucous 'Cowboy Mouth'
Sam, Patti — how the hell did you ever survive your misspent youth?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  December 11, 2013


News that you need

Can ecoRI News sustain its efforts to be a vital environmental watchdog?
When was the last time you saw a news organization share the details of its finances with the world?
By: PHILIP EIL  |  December 06, 2013


Tears, horns, and a burning coffin at Building 16's last stand

 “We weren’t here for the beginning, but we’re here for the end — so let’s tear the fucking walls down!”
By: LIZ LEE  |  December 04, 2013


7800 cookies in one room. Any questions?

There are two ways we can set the stage for the RI Food Fights “Spectacular Cookie Smackdown” happening Sunday, December 8, in Providence.
By: PHILIP EIL  |  December 05, 2013

Octocopters -- pull!

Amazon dreams of drones; farewell, Norman and John; the return of the Ditchdiggers CEO and innovator extraordinaire Jeff Bezos triggered a buzz this week when he announced that his company is looking into using drones to deliver purchases to customers within a 10-mile range.
By: PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  December 04, 2013


Into the stratosphere

The Brother Kite's well-equipped 'Model Rocket'
No one can kick out guitar-driven, alt-pop gems quite like PVD quintet the Brother Kite.
By: CHRIS CONTI  |  December 04, 2013

Off the Couch: Mixing it up

From Party Pigs to Wolfbane Blues
Plus, Dusk serves up some bloodpheasant
By: CHRIS CONTI  |  December 04, 2013


A kinder, gentler Scrooge

Trinity's ever-classic 'A Christmas Carol'
As Trinity Repertory Company devotees are reminded each year at this time, the more things stay the same, the more they change.
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  December 04, 2013


Midnight winter wonderlands

Works by Leigh Tarentino, plus Duane Slick and Andrew Nixon
Leigh Tarentino’s paintings make you feel the hush and chill of a crisp December night. And the wonder, too.
By: GREG COOK  |  December 04, 2013


Presents, tense

Contemporary Theatre Company's charming 'Gift of the Magi'
The Gift of the Magi , the O. Henry short story published in 1906, is as simple as a haiku: Couple sells treasures/to buy each other presents./Ain’t love ironic?
By: BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  December 04, 2013

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